Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story

Last week I was invited to a special CFC screening of The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story - a wonderful documentary about the legendary work of Disney songwriters Robert and Richard Sherman. It was absolutely incredible! Not only did I very much enjoy the film, but I also got the chance to meet Richard Sherman himself. He treated us to a friendly Q+A which was followed by a once-in-a-lifetime performance of some of the two's most noteworthy songs including numbers from The Jungle Book, Mary Poppins, and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
Today I received an amazing e-mail from the directors of the film, Gregg and Jeff Sherman, sons of original duo. I'd like to share it with you:

Dear Ashley:

We truly appreciate your joining us last week for the sneak preview of our Walt Disney Pictures feature documentary, "the boys: the sherman brothers' story." As you saw, it's a loving tribute to our dads -- Richard and Robert Sherman -- the Oscar and Grammy-winning team who wrote world-famous songs such as "You're Sixteen," and "It's a Small World" and song scores for more than 50 movies including "Mary Poppins," "The Jungle Book," "Winnie the Pooh," "The Aristocats" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

We're thrilled to say our film garnered glowing reviews from several major U.S. critics and we’re hopeful you’ll be seeing similar reactions from the Canadian press and media later this week. (

Unlike big budget films, we’ve learned the most effective means of getting the word out on documentaries like “the boys: the sherman brothers’ story” is through word-of-mouth. You’re one of only a select few who have actually seen our film, so we’re asking for your help. “the boys: the sherman brothers’ story” opens exclusively for a limited time at Toronto's AMC Yonge and Dundas on Friday, August 21st. The success at your theater -- the only place in the world where “the boys” is playing -- will determine the studio’s theatrical release of our film. We hope you enjoyed our documentary and will help us spread the word.

Please feel free to forward this email to any of your contacts who might enjoy our movie or, if you would, please take a moment to compose your own email or facebook posting telling your friends, family and neighbors about “the boys: the sherman brothers’ story.” For anyone who would like to learn more about our film, please log on to:

Thank you again Ashley for your touching, heartfelt reaction to our film and, especially, our dads' legacy. We are all very grateful.


Gregg & Jeff Sherman

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